Instrument Rating (IR)

Instrument Rating or IR is an important element for the completion of both Commercial Pilot License and Private Pilot License courses as this program makes you eligible for advanced flight expertise and enables you to fly, navigate, and do landings in different types of weather conditions.

You will learn about the basics about instrument flight when you go for your night rating training and these ten hours of instrument flight time are usually counted towards your Instrument Rating Training.

Why the Instrument Rating program is an important element of pilot training?

At the level of instrument rating, you tend to learn about having control of the airspace communications including radio navigation, en-route risk management, risk management, holding procedures, and lastly approach and go around procedures plus the transition to visual & smooth landing when there’s reduced visibility. Moreover, at this stage trainees encounter different emergencies and abnormalities so that the entire focus is on the right behavior patterns.

Completing Instrument Rating in the correct manner is, in fact, one of the primary qualifications to become a Pilot. A lot of aspiring students opt for CPL discipline and so they prefer to take up commercial instrument rating from the very beginning.

Learning Multi-Engine Instrument Rating is important for Instrument Rating course as there are some restrictions on single engine aircraft operations as per Instrument Meteorological Conditions.

We at AFT Center, assure that every condition is fulfilled as per the aviation standards. We not only provide an opportunity to learn aircraft flying from one of the best aviation schools in California but also make sure that our international students get to train from the experts in the industry.

Cessna Instrument Pilot Training Overview

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What All Is Required For Instrument Rating Program?

Minimum private pilot certificate Minimum 17 years of age
Proficient in English Current medical certificate
Pass knowledge test and practical test 40 hours actual or simulated instruments time
15 hours of instructional flight with a certified flight instructor 3 hours of instructional flight for test preparation in two months before the practical test
One cross-country flight as per IFR flight plan 50 hours of cross-country flight time while performing as the pilot in command
Minimum 10 hours flight time in an airplane is a must

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