Multi-Engine Rating

Multi-Engine Rating is known to be one of the most important and pivotal qualifications that commercial pilot trainees need to go through as it tends to increase the net value of the students on the professional platform as well as in the General Aviation paradigm. This is one of the primary reasons why students must focus strongly on this area of training. This helps to build your confidence and adds to the much-needed professional excellence.

What are the criteria for Multi-Engine Rating?

To add to your Qualifications to Become a Pilot, Multi Engine Rating plays a very crucial role and the criteria that you need to fulfill are as follows:

  • 6 hours Multi-Engine flight time must be completed.
  • Successful practical flight test completion with Grade One Designated Flight Examiner.

Multi-Engine Training Overview

  Stage 1 |   Stage 2

Requirements for issuing Multi-Engine Class Rating (VFR)

  • Valid Pilot License is a must
  • Must have minimum 70 hours of Pilot in Command time with a single engine aircraft
  • Must complete 6 hours Multi-Engine flight time
  • Successfully complete practical flight test with Grade One Designated Flight Examiner

Why Multi-Engine Rating is a must?

This is definitely a very good way to build pilot skills in budding pilots. This also gives you added advantage over single-engine pilots once you become a professional pilot. Moreover, it also trains you to be able to demonstrate your competence in performing all procedures and maneuvers as the pilot in command.

How does Multi-Engine Rating prepare you as a professional?

  • Multi-Engine Rating prepares you through 7 hours of knowledge in theory about operation of multi-engine aircraft.
  • 6 hours in dual flight training, which has to comprise approximate 2.5 hours dual flight training in normal conditions including 3.5 hours dual flight session

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    in extreme situations such as asymmetric flight or engine failure.

  • 3 hours (maximum) has to be covered in an FSTD that’s approved for multi-engine training.
  • When the applicant is either the holder of Instrument Rating in a different category or wants to get the instrument rating endorsed on his or her Multi-Engine Rating, he or she must complete approximately 5 hours of additional instrument training out of which 3 hours must be done in an FSTD, approved especially for this purpose.

Why AFT Center for Multi-Engine Rating?

AFT features state-of-the-art pilot training facility which is also accredited by the FAA. We provide our students with a complete range of training in aviation and flying aircraft to turn them into proficient future professionals. With our experienced trainers and the latest aircraft to train and guide the students, we make for the best place to start your aviation career from.

If you are looking for a fulfilling Pilot Course in USA, then AFT Center can be your first step towards a successful pilot journey.

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