Top Gun Free HDRip DVD9 1080i(hd) mkv BDRIP imdb id tt0092099

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director Tony Scott

country USA

actors Tom Cruise

Genre Action

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‘Top Gun’ is my English teacher’s all time favorite movie. So, since I love Tom Cruise’s young face and I love movies about male bonding, I decided to try it out. Actually, I loved the movie. Maverick was so charming as a young and arrogant pilot. Actually, Guys were all really charming as hot, young pilot. I didn’t think Maverick was really in love with Charlie. I thought Maverick’s more like in love with the other guys, especially Goose. There was just that very deep platonic love between Maverick and Goose. Overall, I really liked the movie, though it was so cliché. This movie strictly followed a formula. arrogant guy, the friend, the rival, the love interest. But the way this film was made just drew me in and made me dream about falling in love with a young handsome pilot. Overall, I loved it.

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